What metals are used? 

The metals are 925. Silver or 10k 14k or 18k Solid Gold. 

Where do you source your material ? 

The metal comes from jewellery, cutlery or upcycled tech equipment that has lived out its life in its current state. 

Is your company sustainable? 

The metal is upcycled. Everything that can be recycled is. Our packaging is recyclable, compostable and made with natural materials. 

How many people work for you ?

It's a one woman show making the jewellery, running the social media and emails as well as mailing the pieces. 

 How do I know my ring size ?

Use this paper document, measure the ruler to make sure its to size prior to printing it. 

Or just take a piece of twine and cut to size and then measure it. 

How can I find my partners ring size without them finding out? 

Just a reminder that every finger has a different size and even from right to left hand the size can differ but a few tricks can be used.

 If they already have rings that they wear often but do take them off at times you can trace it on a piece of paper, you can take a bar of soap and create a slight indentation of the ring but make sure to wipe the soap off her ring before returning it. Enlisting your partners friends or parents can help get the correct size if in doubt. 

I lost my earring. Can you replace a single earring? 

As long as I have am able to get my hands on the material that was used on the piece I can definately remake the missing piece. Please email me at Sunpetalsjewellery@gmail.com with a picture of the piece. If possible we can arrange a pickup to match them perfectly as they're made by hand the sizing can differ slightly from one piece to the next. 

Where is the jewellery made? 

In Ottawa in my home studio.  


Metals have a tendency to tarnish when coming into contact directly with skin. 

Different exposures to elements can cause your jewellery to tarnish such as perfume, cream, clorine salty air even your body's PH can cause oxidation. 

You can use our polishing cloths to clean off your piece if you haven't worn it in a while and have noticed slight tarnishing but to naturally prevent tarnish by wearing your piece your body will naturally polish your piece. 

I also offer free polishes just message me under the contact tab.  

Social media 

Feel free to tag #sunpetalsjewellery or #Sunpetals to show us how you wear and rock our pieces with a clear photo and the you could be featured on our page. We will be picking 1 customer every 6 months with the best picture to give a free piece to. 


We're always in the search of models for our pieces If interested message me under the contact tab. 


All our pieces are food safe. They are hand built and hand glazed. 
To make a piece you first have to create it and then wait for it to dry then place it in the oven called a kiln where it goes to very high temperatures to get bisque fired where it stays for various hours after it cools it is then hand glazed and then placed in the oven for various hours. Each section of the process requires various hours.