About us

Sunpetals was founded and handmade by designer and creator Paola Barrot Vasquez a new mama who is just figuring out how to juggle a baby and a business. 

Our mission is to create timeless, essential pieces with the most responsible production practices. Be intentional with what you bring into your sacred space. Adorn yourself and your home with pieces that you love.

/To wear/ 

Our jewellery pieces are made for everyday wear, dress it up or down. Play in the dirt in your garden amongst the petals, run after your little ones in a field of tall grasses catching the glistening sun-rays. Our metal is melted down from previously loved jewellery or cutlery that has served past generations and has come to the end of its life. It is melted down with a fire torch by hand and formed into new pieces. Using recycled metal keeps us from having to mine and obtain new metals keeping emissions at its lowest. 

I offer a free polish to keep your piece looking brand new. I stand behind what I make and if ever there is any problems with your piece please email me at  sunpetalsjewellery@gmail.com to make your piece look good as new. 

/To use/ 

Our pottery pieces are handmade, formed, painted and fired by hand. Each piece is safe to use and completely food grade. Perfect for charcuteries in the summer evenings. Or a warm latte on a Sunday morning. 


Our pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe however to keep the piece looking good as new it is recommended to wash in the sink with warm soapy water, with a non abrasive cloth.